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Pink Tulips
31 Robin La.
Killingworth, CT 06419

Telephone: 860-227-2712

Year Started: 2010

# American Employees: 1
  My name is Annette Cook, and I grew up in a small Connecticut town where the school colors might as well have been pink and green. Lilly Pulitzer was regarded as a Goddess. When The Preppy Handbook was published, no one in town thought it was a joke. But while I no longer wear polo shirts with the collars starched up, I will always have a soft spot for the finer things that celebrate that identity – crisp lines, oh-so-perfect color combinations, and the persnickety attention to detail that is visible only to those who recognize good quality. As far back as I can remember, handbags presented a problem for me. Aside from my cherished Bermuda Bag (for which I had the requisite 167 covers), I found most bags to be too frumpy, or too busy, or they had that dreadful top-stitching. On the rare occasion that I’d find a bag I liked, I’d use it until it practically disintegrated. Many years later, I found myself with a menagerie of experience in business management, floral design, sewing, bootstrapping, and a can-do entrepreneurial spirit*– when it occurred to me to put all of that experience in a virtual blender, and see what would happen. The astonishingly fun result has been Pink Tulips, and! My clothing and handbag designs are all original, and everything that goes to market is something I would carry or wear myself. I am a stickler for excellent quality, and I’d put the quality of my work up against the best of them. And while quality of workmanship is one thing, the style and focus of the embellishments is a whole different ball of wax. My goal with each and every one of my creations is to incorporate unexpected, delightful whimsy into classic, timeless style.  
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