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Tru Pickles
375 Shadycroft Dr.
Littleton, CO 80120

Telephone: 720-536-3600

Year Started: 2009

# American Employees: 42
  In the 1900's, many immigrants from all parts of the world came to the United States and brought family recipes to use in the New Country. Greg Skufca's great grandmothers were no different. One brought with her the recipe for bootleg liquor and build a still in her kitchen. (That's another story). The other great grandmother brought all her canning knowledge with her. This is where Tru Pickles got its start. Most recipes were not written down and most did not measure their ingredients, but were passed on to the next generation by word of mouth. This was true from Greg's grandmother, to his father and ultimately to himself. One big difference was that Greg Wrote down the recipes, amount of ingredients and the process. Greg had always had gardening and canning in his blood. He would grow all his own produce and preserve what he could for his friends and family. But, there was one item that always stood out. That was his pickles. Everyone would claim these were the best pickles they had ever tasted and that Greg should sell them. After 25 years in the business world, Greg needed something more to do. Some businessmen buy vineyards in Italy, and produce wine. Greg decided he wanted more people to taste his pickles. It is time to turn the pickle industry on its ear. Try a Tru Pickle, and experience the real flavor of a true pickle!  
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