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Stud Construction Products, LLC
6101 Hollydale Ave NE
Canton, OH 44721

Telephone: 330-280-2807

Year Started: 2011

# American Employees: 5
  Stud-Tape™ is an invention that came from the necessity to reduce construction time and increase accuracy. Stud-Tape’s unique measuring system is fast and accurate, with precise indicators to make layouts simple, easy, and quick. Stud-Tape™ is a clear adhesive tape with easy to read measurement markings: A blue “S” every 16? helps your crew locate studs or floor joists. A Red “FT”repeats once every 12? to easily indicate one foot measurements. Each inch is also marked between these primary markings, when you need some extra length. Clear filaments are embedded within the tape to prevent stretching and keep the measurement true: Stud-Tape™ is also a lower cost alternative to house wrap tape, even when you don’t need the measurements – shop and compare!  
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