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Century Drill & Tool Corp
P.O. BOX 5216
DE PERE , WI 54115

Telephone: 800-621-4776

Year Started: 1940

# American Employees: 50
  Century began as a retail brand of an industrial drill manufacturer located in New York City. While the brand was originally created in 1940, by 1949 the company which owned the brand became formally known as Avildsen Tools and Machines, Inc. The industrial nature of our original owner's product is a legacy that remains with us even today. Century was at that time, and is still today, designed to perform under the most challenging of industrial applications. Original Stock Ticket Century's mobile showrooms, 1968 First company to retail package a drill bit HSS drill bit bulk bin For most of these early years the company was operated out of a building in New York City that is still known today as the Avildsen Building. The building stands at 94-100 Lafayette Street in the Tribeca section of Manhattan. At various times throughout its tenancy in the building, Avildsen used this Lafayette Street location to manufacture, store and sell tools. Together with several other companies, Century thrived in this area surrounded by a cluster of hardware storage and showrooms centered at Lafayette and Walker streets. This area remained vital until the early 1960s when the fruit and produce markets moved to the Bronx and city planners subsequently identified large tracts of Tribeca for urban renewal. Since the beginning Century was known for its innovation. Century was the first company to retail package a drill bit and was one of the first companies to barcode Power Tool Accessories. We offered unique products and merchandising that was considered ahead of its time. These innovative and award-winning packaging improvements included blister-packed drill sets that remain an industry standard even today. By the mid 1960s, if you owned a hardware store, you sold Century drill bits. Century had become the dominant cutting tool brand in the hardware market and the leading private label packager. It is not uncommon even today to find some of the original blue bulk drill cabinets still in stores, a throwback to these earlier times. Throughout this period of time, and before the more recent marketing creations of other brands, Century was the ubiquitous brand leader in the retail market.  
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Offering American made products are an important part of Century's quality product mix.
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